Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning in Edmonton Alberta. While an Area Rug is a great addition to you home, they often receive a great deal of traffic or get damaged by water and can quickly become dirty and unpleasant to look at. Our friendly staff can can assist you by having you Area Rug picked up from your home any day of the week and have it back to you just before the guests arrive.

Types of Area-Rugs That We Clean

We clean oriental, wool and synthetic area rugs of all shapes and sizes. You have an option of having you area rug cleaned on-site or at our processing facility. We offer Free Pick Up & Delivery Service on all area rugs that we clean.

Area Rug Cleaning Process

After we received a rug for cleaning, our cleaning technician will properly determine the rug type. Due to a wide variety in construction materials and styles of area rugs, your local Area Rug technician from our company will provide analysis of a rug and cleaning methods required to clean it. We will then perform theral vacuuming of the area rug and have it ready for the next stage. After both sides of the rugs have been vacuumed, we will pretreat all areas of the rug and pay special attention to the problem spots, such as pet or dirt stains. All of our cleaning products that we use are environmentally safe to both children and pets, in order to protect the well being of your loved ones. What makes us different from our competition is that we clean Two-Sides of a rug at no extra cost to our client.

Our prices on area rug cleaning are very competitive, and fairly priced. Low,  discounted prices on our services are available in our coupon specials that are offered on a quarterly basis. One thing that we don’t do is cheap cleaning. Quality and satisfaction is our reward to our customers for choosing our company whether it’s area rug, carpet and upholstery cleaning or tile and grout cleaning.

After an area rug has been cleaned, it is then hung to dry. Drying time for an area rug on average is around 2-8 hours, depending on type and thickness of the rug.

How Long Does It Take To Clean My Area Rug?

Total duration of cleaning from when the time the rug is picked up from a client to the time it is delivered, does not exceed 4 working days. Our cleaning staff can clean almost any type of area rug and have it looking as good as new again.

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