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Tile and Grout Cleaning Edmonton, Alberta
Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tile and Grout Cleaning Myth

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Downtown Edmonton. One of the common misconceptions is that your ceramic floor tile does not require professional cleaning. Dirt and grime can penetrate deep into the grout lines onto your porcelain or ceramic tile and make your floor look dirty, dull and unattractive. Having to scrub your hard surface tile manually can be not only time consuming, but very ineffective.

Tile Cleaning Specials

That’s why we offer a year-round special discount pricing to our residential and commercial clients, so they can take advantage of our professional tile cleaning services.

Process of Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our knowledgeable staff members will arrive at your location with our state of the art High Powered Heated Truck-mount. We will pretreat the entire floor with our environmentally safe cleaning agent (green cleaning product). This process will help loosen and break down dirt particles from the floor. Our second stage of the cleaning will include using a high powered spinner adjusted to 1500 PSI of pressure or more and power washing all of the grime away from your tile floor. The spinning wands function is to freshly rinse the floor (no agents added) with water temperature set at 220F.

The high powered hot water rinse will not only clean the floor but also deodorize and kill most of the bacteria present. While the tile cleaning is in progress all of the access water from the cleaning gets sucked back into the trucks recovery tank. So there is no spillage and everything is contained.

Commercial Tile and Floor Care

Our tile and grout cleaning services have proven to be very affective in restaurants, schools, warehouses and shops.

How Often Should I clean My Tile Floor ?

We recommend having your floor tile cleaned based on the amount of traffic you have at your location. Also while we clean your hard surface flooring, why not clean your carpets and furniture at the same time. It’s not only convenient, but also inexpensive and very affordable to do it while we’re power washing your tile floor. For residential cleaning you should have your grout and tile cleaned once a year and grout resealed, if it hasn’t been done so. Commercial floor tile should be cleaned at least twice a year. Having a regular tile cleaning program in place will prolong the life of your ceramic or porcelain  tile floor and make it look clean. The most important reason why we should have our tiles cleaned,  is that they will not only look great, but also help eliminate any allergy causing properties that may occur.

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